How much does it take to store a 150 square meter store for example

skewers business booming, for chowhound who, delicious characteristics kebab business is excellent, many novice entrepreneurs want to start. How much does it cost to open a skewer? Xiaobian to introduce you as an example of it!


] sampleThe second tier city: Shenyang


Business Hours: 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.

operating varieties: kebabs, grilled seafood and casseroles, drinks and other



] books


boss Mr. Ma said, regardless of whether the customer, as long as the shop opened the door every day to spend at least 600 yuan, rent, utilities, staff salaries, equipment depreciation…… Of course, this is just a fixed expenditure, it can be said that one eye open, they have to ponder how to earn 600 yuan.

standing funds of not less than 15000 yuan

Maradona said that $600 is a fixed fee, if the real operation, every day to prepare cash of not less than 15000 yuan, of which 10 thousand yuan for the purchase of the main ingredients, such as beef and mutton, vegetables…… 5000 yuan as a reserve fund, if the food is not enough, not enough drinks, also need temporary purchase, because the operating time is at night, many suppliers do not supply, so the purchase price to 5000 yuan is not too expensive, sometimes.

million yuan a month was




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The twelfth China International SME Fair held in Guangzhou

innovative public service platform construction work has achieved initial success in the country. Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs here to guide, in the fierce market competition to enhance their advantages.

at the feet of shooting video, uploaded to the client, choose your love style, online payment, only 48 to 72 hours, a pair of feet to fit your own 3D printing shoes size and arch bending, will express to you. If you are not satisfied with the existing style, you can also choose crowdsourcing design, about two weeks later, you will be received by the well-known designers to create your own shoes.

Crowdsourcing, personalized, 3D printing…… Yes, so tall on the creative will soon go to consumers. During the twelfth session held in China International SME Fair Chinese hit off the contest, by the Nanjing maxspace sending 3D depth of customization shoes, won the two prize. Wearable cardiac electric monitoring system, intelligent door lock, intelligent truck dispatch system, and low cost of water lubricated air compressor, 12 pieces of creative works, from more than and 400 entries in the talent shows itself was highly appraised by the experts, judges and business representatives.

“has more than 2000 active members, winning 4 works of Nanjing maxspace, just a microcosm of the national innovation public service platform.” The Ministry of Information Center Director Sun Yumin said that the Ministry of construction by the information center of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry under the guidance of the Bureau, the platform on-line since May of this year, have been in service for more than a dozen large companies including Vanward, Intel, Midea, Haier, thousands of small enterprises, nearly 50 hackerspaces, and tens of thousands of guests, released the more than and 100 Crowdsourcing task, for nearly a thousand pieces of work, combined with the implementation of network public record and real public record online and offline, provides a powerful platform for entrepreneurship and innovation.



a policy environment continues to improve. Over the past two years, the State Council departments to cancel or decentralization of administrative examination and approval 537, reduce the burden on enterprises and individuals each year, $about 90000000000. From March last year to start the reform of commercial system, to the end of August this year, the newly registered enterprises 6 recommended

Virtual space shopping collection

virtual space shopping collection

life is a website server, no server, the website has no way to operate, and for individual owners, often there is no power rent one server, so in the early stages of development, can buy a higher price and more stable than the virtual space for the day, IP is less than 2W the site is a good performance than the virtual space to meet the.

first. Virtual space. Configuration.

many virtual space has many restrictions on the function of the plug-in, here is that we are often the most do not pay attention to, in fact here is the most critical, now the Internet has become more and more developed, the program to function plug-in operation needs more and more, but often we want to use the program because of a small plug-in and not so, in the purchase of space, we must pay attention to support the good space plug-in, why mention the first for it, because if a space to run your program, then this space for you basically is of no value, so this point must pay particular attention to


second. Virtual space. Price.

this is the truth, for individual webmaster, the price is sure to be more demanding requirements for the new website, webmaster, not what popularity, it is recommended to use some free space in good standing, must be stable, like the recent new hello188 is good, free 1G space is large, and relatively stable, such as some certain site traffic, don’t hesitate to change a good point, also don’t be stingy with money, the price is the most important

third. Stabilization of virtual spaces.

this day really have to say, the real Chinese service providers than foreign, space off a two days a day that is often the case, so the purchase will test before use, must try, with service providers, to purchase up to a year, do not covet cheap, buy a gift for 3 years years, maybe fourth years, you have been unable to find the service provider, recently in a financial crisis, what variables are large, what is said is not good, or don’t believe the promise empty white teeth as well, after all, some businessmen China quality still needs to be improved

fourth. Virtual space. Service.

buy space can not buy things, buy go, see you later are not necessarily goodbye, buying the space, is almost certain to deal with the space business, routine maintenance and some small fluctuations are inevitable, I remember once, I do SP, midnight is often when the amount of the largest space suddenly hung up, I was immediately telephone the hello188 service, I didn’t think it was really a person, she told me to the server routine maintenance for 15 minutes, 15 minutes can be restored, is routine maintenance every month, 3 days ago has been given to the public.

SEO industry reshuffle change thought to ashes

search engine is its process of development and perfection, but each time the search engine update, the webmaster have given a feeling of ice and fire, a few happy tears, throughout the search engine update, give the webmaster is often the blood and tears of the lesson, hard for decades, night return to the liberation, as a typical Internet webmaster grass root is really deserved.

today we are in doubt, as bitter webmaster our way in the end where we really come to a desperate situation? Whether to like our SEO predecessors have transformation, or to adhere to adhere to, we do not even confident slim road.

now SEO industry situation why so volatile, why why the webmaster webmaster jittery, the heart is full of confusion, the SEO situation, we found that today’s SEO changes in the rules of the game, don’t stick to your own personal webmaster in that the original set of old ideas, we do SEO, SEO to see the outside world, breakthrough yourself, to the wider world development.

SEO industry reshuffle, the rules of the game has changed,

we know that the early SEO, with YAHOO as the representative of the first generation of the Internet search engine, at that time did not exist in the true SEO technology, search engine ranking rules are quite fuzzy optimization, modify the title title, keywords superposition can be obtained very good ranking.

of course 98 years the Internet industry is destined to be an extraordinary year, Baidu and Google have appeared after this, the emergence of new products to the original form is a huge blow, change, reform, and even revolution, there are two search engines soon broke the old search engine algorithm, change the old pattern of search engines, for the sort of search engine and web quality put forward more requirements, at that time the folk SEOer or personal webmaster, do stand in the update, peripheral to send some outside the chain, keyword ranking and traffic has come very soon. It is in such a period, some familiar SEO road masters are now becoming a millionaire, and their technology, widely regarded as a classic by SEO, until now, a lot of SEOER is still doing that they do things with their used technology.

Internet in the rapid development, by 2010, and there was a big event, the new 2010 micro-blog appeared, the search engine ranking algorithm has changed, not only for the station optimization, station optimization, more social is also concerned about the end of the transfer, user behavior, product operations, brand marketing and so on the emergence of a new product, so, it makes the search engine ranking algorithm becomes more complex, more diversified search, search engine era are still coming. If we still do the traditional meaning of SEO, in station optimization, the chain building

Some suggestions for personal websites

1. site positioning problem

not all websites, like you think, can be used to run money. Some industry sites are not many, but this does not mean that if you do, you can make money. And some of the industry has a lot of sites, but does not mean you can not do it again.

websites have to do fine to have a way out. Small I think there is no need to do it. Unless you have money, it’s only your interest to do it. For example, the lottery network (, this position is very good.

a website is well positioned, you should manage it with your heart and mind. You can think more about the problem from the visitor’s point of view. It will make your website more beautiful.

2. content to formal

what kind of content to do formal? I think we can refer to some of the larger sites. Such as Zhonghua net, NetEase.

you’ll find that their articles don’t carry too many chains, just like this forum.

content layout format should also be standardized, not too messy, to understand that your content is for visitors to see. Not for search engines.

if possible, I suggest setting the key words and profiles for each article, of course, if necessary.

The problem of

3. collection

I used to collect, it was once. But I don’t recommend collecting. This does not mean bad collection. Because collection, after all, enriches the foundation of the website to a certain extent.

There are two kinds of

acquisition, one is using tools, and two is manual.

did anyone say that the information I picked up was also called gathering? Yes, you just changed ‘collect’ to ‘pick’. From the plot, there is no tool to collect so bad.

With the tools of

collected information without the website characteristics, collection site, everyone says is rubbish station, now the search engine algorithms continue to rely on smart collection tools and health websites will eventually end.

manual collection is much better than tool acquisition. At least you can do some " for your content according to your habits. ". " processing " can modify the title, delete unnecessary information, add keywords and profiles, reasonable text segmentation and so on.

if you have the energy and time and your site is just right, I think you can make something original. This way visitors will love you more.

4. website makes money

It’s no use trying to make money, not to make money,


collects more information and information about the network, knows more about the Internet market, and looks at the trends of its peers in order to be ahead of them.


The primary task of improving your user experience is from the point of view of the station

, a web site designed to stand for the user’s perspective, will also be liked by users. So we do SEO, too. Let’s first clarify the concept of user experience. User experience English is called User Experience, abbreviated as UE. It refers to the entire feeling of a user accessing a web site or using a product, leaving an impression on the user.

The main contents of this article

today is how to create conducive to search engine included rules around the personal webmaster, the user friendly website method is introduced, in order to allow everyone to read more intelligible, I saved a little "technology introduction, the main contents of the compilation from the launch of this content is introduced: if not interested the reader can avoid

‘s first focus: good visual perception,

when you see a well-dressed and well-dressed girl in the street, she will give us a pleasant feeling! As a proper design, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout of the site. When the user first visit will also feel happy. At the same time, search engine friendly friendly on the other hand, is also recommended to minimize the expression of some graphic content for flash element, because the search engine is still not divided in flash text and links, because visual friendly is friendly to the user first step.

second key areas: choose the right topic:

choose a clear right and you are good at the theme, around this theme you begin creating the classification, published articles, such as you do create a SEO blog such as, blog classification can be in accordance with the "SEO", "search engine optimization", "search engine marketing" and around these themes create web content articles, because professional degree and degree of value directly affects the user viscosity. The number of pages visited by the user determines whether the site is healthy or not.

third key areas: providing content relevance:

After the

content increased, the user will browse the web site in the process of resolution is not clear to him that information is valuable, if at this time some related content links provided in content, allowing users to generate related reading, user friendly. These links but also to search engine friendly, because the search engine the spider will follow these links to crawl, convenient more website content.

fourth key areas: providing a friendly functional experience:

After a

user interested in your content, it is possible to produce the next activity, such as think your article is particularly good, you want to make a comment on the article, or the author is interested in trying to get in touch with the author, so this time your site is convenient for users to comment function, message board display the position is beneficial to the user a message is very important, you can also provide station >

Talking about the operation experience of small traffic local forum


, I have a few friends advice on the local forum website traffic operation and how to maximize the value of the QQ, I understand that they do is a county-level city forum station, because it is a county-level city, now every day only a few hundred IP. How can you improve your website’s PV in a short time, which requires some operating skills?.

first, because the local government intervention forum is very strong, the local forum (I need special BBS record before going to do a local portal website, just on the line by the Propaganda Department of Neiguan mail to 3 days to stop, depressed), local forum the effort is much larger than the garbage station, especially regulatory issues in the forum after the development must pay attention to.


Forum on the line, we need to do some basic work to improve the website promotion number of members of the forum, the forum when accumulated to a certain number of members, we have to think of ways to make these people active in the forum, let them become repeat customers, generate word-of-mouth. A member of our own as a member of the forum, webmaster to consider whether the content and column of the forum to attract people, grasp the latest local hot news, the registration of multiple vest to let the post of disputes, people have this mentality, hope to argue with the ride, as well as in the virtual world of the internet. Here we need to have a keen insight into the news without any valuable news.

when the number of members grows slowly and the flow of the forum increases this time, we need to consider how to make profits through the forum. Forum is different from the garbage site, do not need too much traffic, you can get a considerable income, common forums profit mainly for the following.

1. local merchant advertising. Business advertising, you can use their own local resources, I have a few friends in the local media work at that time, through them I spend doing a soft article in the local newspaper, the effect of many local businesses through this channel to find my forum advertising, so I also opened a special business channel.

2. forum activities. To enliven the atmosphere of the forum, we must organize the activities under the membership line, and the forum activities are also the big part of the profit of the forum. Through cooperation with businesses such as shopping malls, cinemas and entertainment places, the profit margins will be realized.

3. uses the resources around you to open B2C. Having mastered most of the local consumer, you can consider opening the B2C section.

4. offers trading platforms, and so on.

local forum also has a lot of operational skills, we need to continue to find and try in the operation process. Original starting A5, need to reprint friends, please indicate the source: and, I hope you support, thank you

Two years How did you become a $1 million developer from a pauper



[Abstract] James Altucher is an investor, programmer, entrepreneur, he interviewed the founder of Braintree Bryan recently, presenting a pauper into $1 million developer story.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago to analyze why this year was your resignation year. It’s not an ambitious verbal declaration that you have to be an entrepreneur, but because there are dog luck everywhere, and you feel more and more necessary to quit your job. Now a lot of people will ask, what’s next? What should I do? How should I quit and earn $one million?

what we’re going to say here is that not everyone is Zuckerberg or Larry Paige, not everyone can drop out of school and invent iPhone, not everyone can build Google Glass. It’s cool to make $1 million at the moment, and even more so, you can be your own boss, and then use financial freedom to achieve greater success.

Braintree, an online payment gateway provider with an online and mobile platform, is known as PayPal’s new rival. I recently called its founder. His name is Bryan. You may not have heard of this name, but you must have heard it in the credit card transaction and the mobile payment Client Name: Rovio/ Angry Birds, Uber, 37signals, OpenTable, Fab, GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, HotelTonight etc..

below is the story of Braintree.

in 2007, Bryan was still manager of Sears, but he resigned to start his own start-up company. He said "I don’t really love the job, never try to get a fixed salary, in credit card processing programs before I work as a salesperson, there after I met a lot of restaurants and retailers to turn them into the business of the company, I think soon, I think I can do that. Not working for another company." And two years later, I finally earned 1 million, the two years I learned the following 7 points.


1. let the middle man out,

After the resignation of

Bryan did not sell to the sale of the company he used, he directly hit the idea in the credit card processor, developed their own resale agreement, this is done before leaving the company.

"some people will ask me, should I start financing when I’m still in office?" of course not

Webmaster, please support, persist in the end is victory

in the development of the network technology in this century to be struck dumb, I remember 05 years web site is a rarity, as long as the station is a talent, can be said that the giant panda is a national treasure, a class, a lot of people use their own technology to make a pot of gold, embarked on a successful road, go a well-off life, surprising is that in just one or two years, sites such as bamboo shoots after rain out, head of the population also has the rapid growth of technology, more and more low threshold, the construction of a web site just a few steps next to a fully functional, beautiful interface of the website was born, due to lower the threshold, increase the number of owners, the general treatment caused stationmaster reduce seriously, even their own lives are difficult to maintain. For some time, with the complaints of major webmaster, quit it statement filled with the major forums, people can not help but ask, the webmaster’s time has gone by,


himself is a small webmaster in Ji’nan for a hundred years. He has a little opinion in his little webmaster career and is now sharing with all of you.

I personally think, no, this is not the end, this is the next outbreak of the webmaster hidden period. Now I’ve summed up the following points.

1, the establishment of the number of seemingly turned over several times, but the technology is uneven, which resulted in the online website seemingly doubled, but a variety of spam sites on the Internet in fact most, but excellent web site or in the steady development, the people slowly adapted to the medium section, also gradually realized the harm of spam sites, false advertising, spam confuse a variety of effective information, people require the removal of garbage sites is more and more urgent, the reason why there are so many spam sites are the reasons why a lot of technical problems, the rubbish site not only cannot give the webmaster to bring money and interests, but also increase their burden, such as space domain payment, especially with the site energy waste, while the well-known search engines also increased the waste site at Punishment efforts, or even be K off, which makes their website traffic is almost zero, which makes the garbage site difficult to survive on the network, will naturally eliminate a group of webmaster.

2, self-help site building system, so that the construction of the site as a fool, he makes a technical general can also build a station, but self-help site has several fatal shortcomings.

(1) format fits, not have their own characteristics (2) layout changes (3) had higher maintenance costs (4) is the most important site safety worrying people, those destined for self-help made site is not included in the outstanding website ranks, when really need website are aware of these problems so, who will the establishment of talent will be more valuable, they will get better treatment.

I believe that they will break the confusing situation in the near future, believe that gold will shine, the webmaster to live, we encourage each other.

Pay attention to the selection of links to pay a few matters

The more

to Seoer, choose to buy the paid links, to increase the site outside of the chain and keyword optimization. In the last half year, I also buy a lot of links, count about more than 2000 yuan. As for the paid links on the website optimization and keyword ranking is a role, everyone here without discussion. Here are some of my experience with buying paid links in the first half of this year, for novice reference:

, a fraud

in this group, a major uneven in quality, There are plenty of people who have three kinds of tricks.

1.PR hijacked by false PR scam, there are many online identification method, introduced one by one.

2. dishonest, after payment, withdraw the link. Before trading with the other party, it is better to search for the QQ number, the collection information and the domain name of the other party to see if there is a bad deal.

, 3., black, PR. Such people are usually hackers, and if a high PR, the government, authorities, sellers quote a very low price, you have to be careful.

two, high PR is not necessarily good, PR low is not necessarily bad. (for Baidu optimization) to increase the chain, not necessarily have to buy high PR, mainly to see the quality of the website (web content, update frequency, whether the acquisition, keyword ranking etc.), do not buy that the production for sale of PR garbage station.

three, buy PR, take a look at the ALEXA rankings. ALEXA is not recommended for sites other than 1 million 500 thousand. Most of these sites are only a year old, but if the site has too many chains, it’s not recommended.

four, look at the age of the domain name.

is best to buy domain names older than one year.

five, the number of links to illegal websites. Private server link is greater than 5, if you are a private web site, do not recommend the purchase, and even more, have seen a seller’s Web site, the server link more than 60……

six, look at the search engine included. Be K do not buy, Baidu SITE home can not find, do not buy, included less than 10 do not buy.

seven, see each other website Baidu snapshot update time, snapshot update time should not exceed three days.

eight, don’t figure cheap, if it is enterprise station optimization, try to buy high PR, first upgrade your PR. If your PR is up to 4 or 5 after the PR update, you won’t have to buy PR later. There will be a lot of people looking for you to link, and you can even pick and choose.

nine, not a stuttering fat people, one-time increase a lot of links, so as not to be found by search engines, punished. For example, if your website, PR1, wants to be promoted, I think you can buy it in this way. 3 PR3, 2 PR4, 1 PR5, usually PR update >

New Taobao passenger count Wangzhuan experience

I see Taobao off this Wangzhuan mode is really good to invest money without logistics, the so-called 0 of the cost of business, but want to have the necessary investment income, or! Actually very early understanding of the Taobao customer, but no computer. Until this year’s opening, I finally got the purchase of a computer. In fact, my intention is to make Taobao! Remember, in April of this year, I was in Taobao through their own PID link to buy a couple of harmonica and other goods to help students, and I can’t wait to confirm receipt! Only one purpose to prove that Taobao customer is not really to make money. Landing Ali mother backstage, see 5.06 yuan commission. That’s exciting me! Ali could really make money. Since then, I have devoted myself to the study of Taobao customers, and I have criticized myself for not forgetting that I came to college to study my major courses. Taobao is just my part-time job,


has been a Taobao since then. The beginning of the time, in the Baidu Q & A answer other people’s questions, and then send a message in the Taobao link OK, 10 days later, the effect came out. I got a $3 commission! Later, the next few days have list!! but, then again, do Baidu answers is really very tired! Then I give up! That’ll be a promotion where the future! Look at others blog promotion then, I’m good! To try. At that time, Sina has blocked the Taobao passenger link. You can only choose Baidu. Choose the keywords, write an article, plus Taobao guest link on the line. Add an article every day. However, the effect is still there. I’ll have my income in a few days. There is a forum for the promotion, before posting, owner had to delete your post, depressed! After more than a month, in a variety of ways to promote their over one of the bitter is you can think of. However, the most important thing is to adhere to, if you give up, it completely failed to do Taobao customers at the same time, do not impatient. This is also one of my drawbacks. I hope you will take me as your reference. Watching others make websites thriving. I’m really jealous. I have no experience in building a station, I must study again. Then I hope you can give us a lot of advice!


original article, reproduced please indicate the source:

many exchanges: 417607236

Why Baidu only included in the home page, not included in the page

on Baidu included new station problem, is plagued by many webmaster. Why Baidu included the home page does not include the inside page?. Of course, this has a lot to do with the recent changes in Baidu’s new audit policies. Look at your website pages by search engine slowly shrink is very headache, at this time we must first start from the check to see if there are external factors, when the site Links inside station search engine punishment, whether the station relates to yellow, poison, gambling and disrupt public order or harm to society, then come back to check on you when the content of the website itself, for a period of time after the site to see. At this point, if further reductions are made, add appropriate content or external links to the site. There are too many reasons for the specific reasons. Here are the common reasons listed below:

(1) website optimization

reasons: excessive optimization, such as the accumulation of key words, hidden text and so on. If this happens, even if Baidu has included you, don’t feel muddle through, because when the update will gradually eliminate. Two level domain name and blog cross connection.

solution: the new website, don’t get too much SEO! Key words repeat title not more than two times; key word description repeat not more than three times; not packing; key word home page should be the natural order, do not try to place in the heap; key word density. Try to control at about 3%-4%. Leave three or four keywords in the title, enough, too many, Baidu does not like. The proposal is set to page theme + topic name + website name. As for keywords, it doesn’t matter if you add, but at least there should be something about the page. Describes the setting is very simple, as long as the language is smooth, the page to make a general summary, two or three key words will be enough.

(2) web content

reasons: almost all of the content collected, but also a very popular collection of articles. Baidu will suddenly include you thousands of pages, but after Baidu included, in a certain period of time will be re search, if your content is worthless, it will be discarded.

solution: after the collection, manually increase the number of " original article " why quote?. Because the original is not good to write. Teach everyone a simple little way to cheat spiders, to find relevant types of articles…. Get rid of the title. Disrupt the paragraph form inside. If you have a hobby, you can write a paragraph in it yourself. That’s it. A " original article " produced. Then, let you " original " more articles on the home page appear a few.

(3) web site theme

reason: website theme is engine shielding keyword or conflict with the law. There should be a lot of touches for garbage stations.

solution: now is &>