How much does it take to store a 150 square meter store for example

skewers business booming, for chowhound who, delicious characteristics kebab business is excellent, many novice entrepreneurs want to start. How much does it cost to open a skewer? Xiaobian to introduce you as an example of it!


] sampleThe second tier city: Shenyang


Business Hours: 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.

operating varieties: kebabs, grilled seafood and casseroles, drinks and other



] books


boss Mr. Ma said, regardless of whether the customer, as long as the shop opened the door every day to spend at least 600 yuan, rent, utilities, staff salaries, equipment depreciation…… Of course, this is just a fixed expenditure, it can be said that one eye open, they have to ponder how to earn 600 yuan.

standing funds of not less than 15000 yuan

Maradona said that $600 is a fixed fee, if the real operation, every day to prepare cash of not less than 15000 yuan, of which 10 thousand yuan for the purchase of the main ingredients, such as beef and mutton, vegetables…… 5000 yuan as a reserve fund, if the food is not enough, not enough drinks, also need temporary purchase, because the operating time is at night, many suppliers do not supply, so the purchase price to 5000 yuan is not too expensive, sometimes.

million yuan a month was




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The twelfth China International SME Fair held in Guangzhou

innovative public service platform construction work has achieved initial success in the country. Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs here to guide, in the fierce market competition to enhance their advantages.

at the feet of shooting video, uploaded to the client, choose your love style, online payment, only 48 to 72 hours, a pair of feet to fit your own 3D printing shoes size and arch bending, will express to you. If you are not satisfied with the existing style, you can also choose crowdsourcing design, about two weeks later, you will be received by the well-known designers to create your own shoes.

Crowdsourcing, personalized, 3D printing…… Yes, so tall on the creative will soon go to consumers. During the twelfth session held in China International SME Fair Chinese hit off the contest, by the Nanjing maxspace sending 3D depth of customization shoes, won the two prize. Wearable cardiac electric monitoring system, intelligent door lock, intelligent truck dispatch system, and low cost of water lubricated air compressor, 12 pieces of creative works, from more than and 400 entries in the talent shows itself was highly appraised by the experts, judges and business representatives.

“has more than 2000 active members, winning 4 works of Nanjing maxspace, just a microcosm of the national innovation public service platform.” The Ministry of Information Center Director Sun Yumin said that the Ministry of construction by the information center of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry under the guidance of the Bureau, the platform on-line since May of this year, have been in service for more than a dozen large companies including Vanward, Intel, Midea, Haier, thousands of small enterprises, nearly 50 hackerspaces, and tens of thousands of guests, released the more than and 100 Crowdsourcing task, for nearly a thousand pieces of work, combined with the implementation of network public record and real public record online and offline, provides a powerful platform for entrepreneurship and innovation.



a policy environment continues to improve. Over the past two years, the State Council departments to cancel or decentralization of administrative examination and approval 537, reduce the burden on enterprises and individuals each year, $about 90000000000. From March last year to start the reform of commercial system, to the end of August this year, the newly registered enterprises 6 recommended

Link to the downstream industry bound link to get rid of correlation.

For example, the

Links at that time did not think of the search engine is how we do, then there is no ranking, do this link purely for the user. In order to users can find new website from my site, and this site is online and we are complementary. From this link to find more valuable content, this is not the search engine era, we do not consider the ranking factors when considering Shanghai dragon. I think the chain was not the search engine is how to do it? Will never get out of hand spread like today, for the interconnection of multi produce a lot of garbage, we look at the last love Shanghai search engine in order to combat the chain introduced for many times of the algorithm, we do the chain and Links also need to return to the naturally, all starting from the natural.

website construction and the two Shanghai dragon industry, people the first thing to do is to finish the website after website, need to do well in Shanghai dragon. If people are looking for the construction site, and may also pay attention to the Shanghai dragon or network marketing. If he saw in the construction site of Shanghai dragon network marketing website may click into the look, the reason is very simple, it can finish this thing next step must do Shanghai dragon and network marketing. This link will bring traffic, bring more and more with the click click this link, you won’t be more active, more active link weight is higher. When do the chain we may not want your chain is clicked, I see a lot of people put Links on the humble position, even in the dense row do not want users.

Links is outside the chain of high quality source of each website is the most important, many owners have paid special attention to the construction of the link, but many people ignore a role of Links. It is that we can use the Links attracted a lot of traffic, a lot of people do Links estimates are for web site keywords ranking, in order to improve the single site keywords ranking, in fact, this is just one point, that is to play a function which has Links. It is too wasteful, but whenever did Shanghai Longfeng people have such a problem that is too heavy to see ranking, while ignoring the other, all mentioned in the previous article, in fact, there are three factors affecting site traffic, included rankings and click, just a focus to forget other rankings.


today proposed to do website friendship and customer’s idea is for standing in the complementary point of operation, the only way is the most value chain, but also have another advantage is diversion. No matter in the chain or chain in the process of everyone was correlation of this concept to the trouble, I see a lot of people do the chain’s first priority is the correlation between the chain, the chain of correlation is indeed very important, but is not important to first degree. There are more important than these factors, it is complementary to the chain type, with the flow of the chain chain is the most valuable. Said a long time or hastened to explain what is called complementary chain.

Noble baby +1 push new blogger and benefit function

the picture shows after the search results in the noble baby, generally speaking this blog aristocratic baby profile will be displayed on the picture above, you do not feel very cool

Update the blogger Blog words appear


when the visitors search articles, suddenly there was a result of the pictures, is not enough to attract people to click on this? As in the ten search results, there is a video search results, it will have reduced the video shots, usually hits than many pure words. This is also the integration can be seen as noble baby + with the search results, and then the inside is a noble + nobility baby baby +1 data, we guess that’s right, now noble baby +1 has initially shown in indirect nobility baby search result page, the estimated future will have greater integration. The following figure:


so, to write independent blog people, so cool feature is how to achieve it? I tell you to use the most simple method, a total of four steps as follows:

2. in their own blog page a link to your noble baby plus individual pages, and the links with rel= "author" attribute. As part of the footer in this link to my blog page, the last point text, write this Code: this blog was created by Sine, welcome to reprint blog, please keep in the form of links and the source of the author. Of course, you can have a different style, it is important that you baby plus ID to write to nobility, and rel= "author" this attribute must be added.


noble baby pictures function recently, it means to have a blog site to the blogger’s picture on display in the search results. In fact, before the foreign search I found success in foreign noble baby’s search results page to display their own photos, but very few domestic, these sites for blog site. I will give you detailed introduce and use method.

1. to open their noble baby plus page. Noble account login, baby, baby no aristocratic account to apply for an application, a Gmail mailbox on the line, can be used all noble baby products. Then visit the https://plus. noble baby贵族宝贝/me, open your own home page will be similar to the https://plus. noble baby贵族宝贝/10539568569788588 results, a string of numbers behind you noble baby plus ID, and we can get the web page address noble baby plus, such as the shape of noble baby贵族宝贝/10539568569788588: https://plus.

To solve the website should be to formulate strategy according to the weight of the website


is a web content only indexed by search engines, can let the keywords ranking. A web site does not care about the article inside how many, but care is how many search engines included more, of course, is more favorable for the website, because it can enhance the overall weight of the site and a large number of long tail keywords ranking, so as to improve the site traffic.

1, the low weight of new sites. Just for the web site to do, because the weight is low, but also by the special "care" of the search engine, so it should be especially careful optimization. To add a web content I think it should be in the original, pseudo original supplement; content is not much, but in quality, if you do is dumpster, it does not matter, if you want the site has a long-term development, it must be so. After the release of content do not think that sometimes, search engine will not include you, even if you are the original article, even if included, will soon be eliminated, which is mainly caused by the low weight site, in order to allow search engines to quickly and keep the site included, we should focus on their own post, to a relatively high weight of the website to lead spider, so that the fast was collected, and included the search engines will not be eliminated. If you can persist for several months, so I believe you website articles included a certain amount of a lot, and the site overall weight and keywords ranking has visible effect.

2, when the site has a certain weight. The website weights and can not describe with an exact number, but with webmaster friends through all aspects of the site index to analyze, so as to know the weight of the website, although there are weight analysis tools, but also can not really determine the weight of a web site. Here refers to a web site with a weight that is simple, the chain site included the amount of certain keywords, and have a certain rank, we released the station strategy than the new to simpler, when we publish original articles, I don’t think I will each have to go outside to lead the spider, because the site has some weight, search engine.

then for a web site should be included how to make steady increase? I think we should go to formulate strategy according to a weight of the site, the weights of the different sites, for a task the quality requirements and published are different, below I give a talk about how it should be targeted to do.

today, your website has been plagued by many owners, especially in some of the new site, because the weight is low, you want to make your site more included, it is a very difficult problem. Many owners said the acquisition can solve the problems included in the site, a collection of hundreds of thousands of data, that the site has included thousands of article, it looks very large data, just because those articles are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, not what quality; although the search engine included, but may not hold a lot will be eliminated, the development for the weights of the website promotion and website are very unfavorable

How to make the website user experience.

< >

if 2013 is before the chain for the emperor, then after 2013 the user is king. Indeed, the search engine can be easily analysis to the site in the user access action. Therefore, whether the excellent website user experience has become an important factor to determine the value of the site. All the time, everyone said to improve the user experience can get a better ranking, but how to improve the user experience? Don’t just do a good job of quality content, website structure to meet user needs it? The answer is no..

in order to reduce the trace of cheating, when web traffic is not much, click every day and the number of share is not suitable for too much, the author is every day 10, share 5. If a short period of time a lot of search traffic increased, it is easy to be found in the search engine.

, click each other and share

in the network a lot of each click on the QQ group, you can click on each other through these channels, with other users. In the click process can screenshots to prove that pay attention to the real simulation of the user, can negotiate with each other, such as keyword input to hand, then click on each page for 2 minutes, then click the 5 page and then closed. You can also click the proportion, with each other brush website to share the same process click after a period of time, will share the home page to love Shanghai collections, and visit the website. If you want to brush next to the fingers of the snapshot, so to love Shanghai in collecting sharing sites, to go to the tail, for example in the share 贵族宝贝***.net this website website, I usually ask to delete the contents of # number in the end.

writes well, the website design beautiful, after the search engine is only a pile of code and text. If there is no user access, then the good content is slag. This is not an exaggeration, or even most of the industry rankings can see many examples of why people collect articles, but ranked so strong, but I honestly create content, the website is not fit to be seen. I believe this problem has been plaguing us. In fact, do not hinder is because the search engine rankings that these good website "user experience", and their website users are not even, also talk about what the experience.

two, each click on the frequency stability of

I do a few on the Guangzhou website construction company the enterprise website, because enterprise website traffic itself is not high, and relatively high precision flow requirements. I believe we all know, news website of these articles did not go to the user, just visit the case, or products. Therefore, the author has been struggling to find solutions to improve the user experience. An on-line near corporate website, want to rely on the user to obtain the real user access experience, so it is clearly impossible, therefore, we learned how to make the user experience the illusion, no traces of illusion.

Optimization of miracle four months what

every day to write soft, but you may not have a rigid view, see. For you today is a lot recently by Shanghai Longfeng analysis optimization case simple violence site. Nonsense not say, first from the website data begin.

2. before cheating on the link, now rely on the content of this website for cheating, fall in love with sea at this stage algorithm of content requirements and loopholes.


love Shanghai search site, and then open the site, with you directly enter the URL of the website opened not the same. May use love Shanghai SERP jump. Then I went to see the site of the chain, at first glance is not much problem, are some of the chain business yellow pages. But to see it open and found that in addition to outside links, are some of the basic site with irrelevant information, and the chain has more than 4 years, should be retained before using this domain name website. Included in the site is the site of the chain. Can say that the site didn’t do the chain. We can get a message from here, is in love with sea at this stage of the algorithm to focus only on the site, the chain and not care about the site, or even a large number of the chain is not the weight of the website have too much influence.

Below share with you some

website is normal, but the open page later found each page are similar, some product information, almost no value of information page. But love Shanghai but are included.


stage 2. is outside the site content >

The biggest harvest


on this site are these:

love is not a person, but the machine intelligent judgment, is still not perfect, there are many loopholes.

4. uses a SERP love Shanghai judge jump, Taobao API call volume generated page.

3. use special techniques to allow users to open pages and spiders crawl pages are not the same. The limited level of the author, view the source code, but still not clear specific call jump problem.

1. Shanghai

from the above we can see the first problem, the site is only 4 months, the weight was 6, but not PR, this should follow the update speed of two search engines. Love Shanghai update too fast, Google update too slow. Shanghai love the snapshot, indicating the site home page update is normal, the open space, fast, no Links.

, some views on site analysis of several peers.

Although the recent

1. site polymerization of Taobao title, but Taobao has blocked love Shanghai, drilled in the middle of loopholes.


Online shopping system, the whole Raiders of the online shop, business classicsWhatsApp has succeede

builds a website for its own merchandise sales business. This model needs to select the perfect and powerful online shopping mall system. In the initial establishment of online shopping mall, it is best to carry out multi-party research, select both suitable for their product characteristics and personal interests of operators, but also have higher access to online shopping platform, such as EShop or ShopEX. At the same time, in the case of resource licensing, you might as well open an online store on several websites.

2. decorate your shop facade. After online shopping mall is completed, the most important question is how to let more customers browse and buy. It’s not easy to stand out in a large number of online shopping malls, and "first impressions" often determine whether consumers will come back to the store again. "Packaging" essential, including a good name, as well as their online shopping mall system maintenance and online shopping mall template updates, spend more effort.

The choice of

development tools. Like many modern startups, if you’re focused on an application or software, you need good tools to help you save time and money on your project.

E era quietly rising — online gold panning". In the face of the reality of the employment pressure and fresh success, more and more people online shopping mall "heart, giving people work to their work as" a concept that some people are on the employment mark began planning their own business plans. Among these people, there are many people who start their business by starting a small shop on the internet. Just a few years, "online business" this unique model has been from scrappy to at large when. These people although not large sums of money, but sitting at home in front of the computer to use the Internet as a pleasurable occupation when the boss, "fashion business". The practicability and convenience of online shopping are becoming more and more obvious. From the point of view of development, based on the expanding number of Internet users, with the continuous development of e-commerce, the prospect of online business is bound to be more broad.

shared workspace. One of the biggest mistakes a new company can make is to rent a place they can’t afford. They foresaw business growth, but when there was no growth, they were left with only an excess of office space and a four or five year lease.

7. finally, is more in the forum, or in the network business group, wandering around, learn a lot of others

I suggest finding a joint office place that is nearest to you, not renting an office. Such places are found in almost every city. Most of these places offer small office locations ranging from $100 to $500 a month. In other essential areas of the office, these places are usually equipped with network connections and can use fax machines, copiers and conference rooms. In addition, many of them also offer monthly rental services. So, in case your dreams aren’t as fast as you want them to be, you won’t be tied up with a huge rental contract.

so, as a small company of 99%, what are the best skills needed to succeed? Here’s our sharing.

5., whether it is to buy things or sell things, integrity is particularly important.

online mall, employment potential

online shopping mall system management suggestions

4. to seize every opportunity to publicize his shop, to be good at digging the rich network free and interesting, as long as the use of using well, your store will be able to survive, as long as you do not have to spend money carefully, crown sellers are also so slowly hone was born… Remember, now, "wine is also afraid of deep alley times" Oh,

6. online shopping mall, must have sufficient time to promptly answer buyers questions about your products.

if open source isn’t for you, you’re more willing to start your project with safer, more supportive solutions, and you can consider the classic development kit set by companies like Microsoft. For general development platforms and workflows, automation solutions have Decisions options. Instead of open source, they generally provide stronger >

methods is usually free or inexpensive open source software. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages, but the overall goal is to save money, which will give your project a favorable starting process. There are many options for doing so. SourceForge the world’s largest open source software development platform and warehouse is a premium market where you can search for free resources. Also, you can search for these on GitHub.

1. operates as much merchandise as possible. Online shopping depends on the market demand and resources, conditions and hobbies, including specific circumstances.

I believe that when WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, most entrepreneurs didn’t wake up. The news is good news, because this acquisition, perhaps we will see more Lamborghini around Artaud Alto Palo. But this news has not had a big impact on the world of small companies and their entrepreneurs.


most of us don’t get tens of millions of dollars in seed money from the world’s largest venture capital institutions. Most of us can’t buy a $16 billion deal with giants such as apple, Facebook or Microsoft. But we still can achieve some very amazing success, we will use friends and family investment, and rely on their own efforts to achieve success.

3. is always adding new goods, and updating the product will make it easier for buyers to pay attention.

online mall system Raiders

One of the

The three station is often ignored the choice of key words

webmaster choose keywords method of all sorts of strange things, each station has its own set of keyword selection ideas and methods. But often in a part of the webmaster in mind that as long as the keyword flow added to the site directly copy high up, then do optimization promotion, have been slow to see the desired results, the reason why? Because of neglect of an important factor, natural flow and high degree of competition is fierce. So, the webmaster choose keywords, don’t just look at the flow level, there are other factors, such as the conversion rate, precision, correlation matching, etc. these factors must be taken into account. Today I share the selection method of accurate keywords some easy let owners ignore:

twenty-first Century is an efficient era, people’s work speed, the error rate is also straight up the natural. Just like I’m typing chat with friends will be a typo, or some words won’t deliberately use the same words to explain the tone. Similarly, users in the search for some information, may put the search word wrong inadvertently, then the search engine will be based on the phonetic explanation to return search results, and according to the statistics of Internet users Chinese billion, if the 1/1000 user input with a search word, the word flow is one hundred thousand such a huge traffic flow, for the owners is not very tempting. Such words and the degree of competition is low, and because of the wrong keywords, general search engine judgment of such words is to rely on a similar return search results, so that the owners can easily catch the keyword flow. So, the webmaster choose accurate keywords, keywords can be used to make appropriate typos website, in line with the user search term information naturally ranked higher, as to get the effect you know.

, with the same key words meaning spelling

, the two terms commonly used in daily life

used the same meaning in different parts of the text are different, such as potatoes in the Shandong area called the Guizhou area known as taro or potato, potato in Shanxi ocean, called the potato, Anhui also known as sweet potato. The Hebei area called the potato, yam. Guangdong is called the Italian potato, beans, French called Apple, the Germans called Di Li, the Americans called the Irish Yambean, Russians called Holland potato etc.. So in the information about the user search and potatoes in different areas, will naturally combine their speech habits to search for the real life. I like in the Guangdong area native search, potatoes will directly enter the keyword with the word potato, rather than enter the egg like yam, of course, used in different places of different words, but also for the owners to select the precise keywords is very helpful. So webmaster want to understand website user group distribution of their own, then what about life in terms of these places, is what happens. Then through combining the local term keywords composition, nature >


The rapid increase of the chain method five

1. text


for example, this post "I posted on A5 website in Shanghai dragon how to obtain the original article material", all of a sudden I added hundreds of the chain, you can check the chain in Shanghai we love Shanghai company website, search for "domain:www.gdmeian贵族宝贝" you will see many websites reproduced this article, but also the high weight of the webmaster website.

2, using

acquisition station

is there a rapid increase of the chain method? After summing up, the chain will have thinking breakthrough, this will have a multiplier effect.

China has more than 3 million websites, personal websites which account for a large part, so many owners would like you and me every day to update the article, with the website? No, most of the webmaster is very lazy, the update will be managed by the software to complete the acquisition. As long as one good custom acquisition rules, acquisition software will not stop on time for you to go to other sites collect article back at the same time automatic release.

this is what I do in Shanghai Longfeng work since the most impressive, registration, posting these annoying locks, boring things for the whole of Shanghai Longfeng work has become mechanical boring, forever will affect your confidence.

we do Shanghai dragon, do external links, although can not take a >

optimization, the chain is significant for improving the site search ranking, Web 2 times, left for us to do outside the chain space seems to be great. Blogs, forums, message, Post Bar… In theory, we can leave the link everywhere, in fact? I think we do the chain is more and more difficult.

Shanghai dragon

a blog to register, setting, also find articles, articles, a few days down, found that SE did not register an account also included, forum invitation code, registered not posting permissions, with no links right. The fundamental message cannot send links, or being nofollow away, love Shanghai Post Bar links will be more difficult. Toss down one day, found with no effective link, at this time the mood is not bad, then do the chain work pressure in Shanghai dragon’s biggest worry.

so, in order to automatically increase the number of our chain, we’ll be collecting source website, our website is not the webmaster may be collected, however, it does not matter, we go to the webmaster often go to the place of the collection is, Sina blog is the webmaster of the acquisition, when we write a blog the article will fill a few more labels, because the webmaster is to collect the search by label. For example, beauty station will collect the Sina blog "beauty" and "white label" under article. So, as long as we are with our blog link, the best is the anchor text link on the line.


Novice must learn new tools of nobility baby AdWords


. The software uses different colors to represent changes in your page. In the Web based AdWords interface, this function is not possible.

It has some features of

automatic matching automatically extend the range of motion, using the remaining budget for advertising related search your keyword list query trigger. Through the analysis of your website and AdWords advertising series structure and content, provides more impressions and clicks, while maintaining your current hits and cost per click. At the same time, the automatic matching function will not exceed your budget.

, a Google AdWords

For > editor

from noble baby AdWords "matching"

Two, check the

5, flexible report. The report shows that in a flexible, customizable way. In order to keep the width of a column, you can also choose not to display the report, if you want to edit or adjust the focus of advertising copy number of the cost per click.

1, multiple accounts management activities, allows you to monitor different customer accounts.

novice webmaster pay Click activity at the launch of a noble baby when AdWords will be very tangled, should choose what kind of keywords, each keyword should offer? In many settings, how should I do? Not long ago I have been in this wandering, but when I found the Google AdWords editor, the world the changes in.

has the advantages of simple operation, a single update. If you edit your campaign, you can easily retrieve changes using a single button. Update keywords, ad text, so the budget and other elements of the movement.

novice webmaster do you realize that a new feature called "noble baby AdWords automatic matching, main function of this function is to use you in a day of the remaining budget, based on the existing keywords to automatically match the other keywords, this realization of the function of the users within a day of the budget is not easy wasted. If your goal is "Shanghai dragon company", then this function will automatically match the other remaining budget as "Shanghai Shanghai dragon company".

it is a program that can download and install the software from Google itself very quickly. It does not need to enter a keyword, you need to do is sign in using your AdWords account and get the latest data for all.

3, easy management of ad group. Each group according to the advertising campaign can be used as the expand / collapse button.


AdWords editor, a free download paid search management platform.

4, the recent changes in

Keywords mining can play good advantage of original content

: I want to write an article about the brothers run it second season "entertainment article, how to write to write the keyword traffic, now many sites and are large, the weight is very high, how to do? We have another way, mining keyword, such as:

keyword mining, sounds very professional, is not difficult, as long as you know our website editor is for those users, they usually have what problem or need on the Internet to find information, then the first thing you put yourself as the user to find these problems, used in the search engine search to find the answer, then you will soon found, we are still concerned about what issues they were in search of what keywords, which is related to user search and search engine keywords thinking rule mining method.

love Shanghai search drop-down box and relevant search tips: "what time broadcast, film, broadcast, guests, the latest issue of angelababy," and so on, these long tail words tell us a direction of thinking, the brothers run it second season "is a popular variety show, the net friend attention to the program the program is not only good and bad, there are people on the show in the plot, star characters, background music and so on, the details of the activities of interest, then we will know how to avoid competition, a short way to get traffic.


in fact, there are many keyword mining network tools can be used, such as: love stand nets dig words, love Shanghai

we have good original article editing ability, can not lose in the keyword mining, hard to edit out the article, but not how to do

first we need to understand what is the main source of traffic to the site? If it is a circle of friends, it is not so much the keyword research. If is the search engine, it is not the same, to study well, study not good website does not flow. However, we also need to know what factors affect search engine rankings for your website, website, website content, website open speed, whether shielding search engine, website structure is good, the site safety problem, if no problem, then carefully editing, regular updates, and constantly improve the keyword mining optimization, flow, weight of the site on the point the day and await for it.

want to have a website traffic, it must be in key words mining efforts, because the Internet is the day of the competition, we must first solve the problem of existence, that is the problem of the traffic flow, and the keyword mining is key to whether the flow of the website editor.




love Shanghai drop-down box

index etc.Original


in the original site editor circle has been a hot topic, we all know that the original is a best way to edit website >

love Shanghai cable